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Research Library 

The Glendale Arizona Historical Society has a research library focused on Glendale that is located in the Guest House at Sahuaro Ranch.  Included are school yearbooks, Glendale newspapers, city maps, city directories, and other publications.  We also have archived obituaries and wedding announcements dating back many years.


Please call us at (623) 435-0072 and let us know what you are researching.  We may have what you are looking for and would be happy to set up a time for you to come in.

Arizona Memory Project

Many thanks go to Carol St. Clair, past President and Vice President of the Glendale Arizona Historical Society, and Tracy Marsh, current Vice President, for their commitment to and involvement in The Arizona Memory Project.  This Project provides online access to documents, photographs, oral histories and video that chronicle Arizona’s history and culture.  Please visit their website by clicking here.

The Glendale Arizona Historical Society’s collections on The Arizona Memory Project include:

Historic Downtown Glendale

This collection represents South 1st Avenue, now 58th Drive and Glendale Avenue, from around 1910 to 1950.  It depicts early development in downtown Glendale, Arizona. The collection also includes photos of the Sine Family.  The Sine Family was a pioneering family in Glendale that was instrumental in the development of downtown Glendale.  Most of the photos were collected by pioneering Glendale citizens and given to the Glendale Arizona Historical Society.  The pictures depicting the Sine Family and their businesses were donated to the Society by Arthur Sine.  Please visit the collection by clicking here.

Our Cultural Heritage

As part of the Listening to Glendale's Past collection, this collection consists of 12 oral histories of early Glendale residents.  From Russian to Basque, it attempts to shed light on the mix of the many cultures and backgrounds that came together to make Glendale what it is today.


Including oral histories on:

Lacey Bennett, John L. Conovaloff, John Coury, Jeanne Malloque, Edna Myer and Retha Bolding Beveridge, Arnold Ong, JY “EC” Otondo, Socorro Salinas, Helen Okabayashi, Robert Ashe, Tom Kadomoto and J. Vernon Tuckey.

Please visit the collection by clicking here.

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