Governing Board

Ronald N. Short "Ron" | President


Ron is a retired city planner. He grew up in Moline, Illinois and attended Augustana College, Long Beach State College (Bachelor of Arts degree), Oklahoma University (MRCP) and Penn State University (MPA).  Before retiring, Ron worked as a city planner in eight states and thirteen agencies. He has played an active role in the historic preservation programs in Albuquerque, NM , Phoenix, Arizona and Glendale, Arizona.  While serving as the Historic Preservation Officer for Glendale, he initiated the nomination and designation of many of Glendale’s historic districts and properties to the National Register of Historic Places.  He also started the annual historic preservation bus tour for Glendale.


Ron became active with the Glendale Arizona Historical Society in 2012 as Vice-President and has been President since 2013.  Ron is active in all aspects of the Society. He researches and writes most newsletter articles, acts as a docent and wedding facilitator at the Sahuaro Ranch Guest House and Rose Garden, participates in the Historical Society’s library and research, and helps coordinate Manistee Ranch’s improvements. He is a strong advocate of preserving the historic resources and history of Glendale, AZ.

Catherine Morgan | Vice President


Catherine was elected to the Board in 2017 and has lived in Glendale since 1987.  She serves as a docent at Manistee Ranch and is currently on the programming committee and the library/archives committee for the Historical Society.  Her interests include history, genealogy, research on the mayors and early families of Glendale, and Glendale's cemeteries. 

Martha Noble Pitts Cole "Marty" | Treasurer

Marty was born and raised in Glendale.  She attended Unit 1 (Landmark Grammar School), Glendale High School, Northern Arizona University and Arizona State University.  Years ago she was the co-owner of the original Glendale Floral, which is no longer in existence.  Marty loves to fill her time with travel, spending time with her family, and actively volunteering in Glendale's community.  In addition to the time she donates to the Historical Society, she often volunteers  to the Glendale Pride Ambassadors and the Glendale Women's Club. 

A long time Historical Society volunteer, she was elected to the Board of Directors as Treasurer in 2012.  She helps conduct tours at Sahuaro Ranch's Guest House on Sunday afternoons and special events, such as the Folk & Heritage Festival and Tractor Days.  Marty also helps facilitate Rose Garden weddings and helps with the set up of the Guest House's exhibits, including the military and wedding gown displays.

Jessica Koory | Secretary


Jessica was elected to the Board of Directors as Secretary in 2012.  She moved to Glendale many years ago and immediately fell in love with the people and the history of Glendale.  Jessica generously donates her time to the Historical Society,  she serves as the Accessions Chairman, keeps the Board of Directors' meetings minutes, acts a docent at Manistee Ranch, clips and compiles GAHS's obituaries and distributes name tags at the Historical Society's meetings.  Jessica enjoys collaborating with other people who also want to preserve the history of Glendale for future generations.

Martha Dennis | Director

Martha was born and raised in Glendale.  She attended Unit I (Landmark Grammar School) and Glendale High School and graduated from Arizona State University.  She taught in the Washington Elementary District until retiring in 1995.  Martha and her family have always been involved in Glendale activities and preserving Glendale's history.  She joined the Glendale Historic Society in 1982 and became more active when she joined the Board as a Director in 1995.


Martha conducts tours at Sahuaro Ranch, helps facilitate weddings and works with the City on special events and school tours.  She works with members to showcase the history with displays.  Martha is also a member of the Glendale Civic Ambassadors and the Glendale Woman’s Club.  The City of Glendale warded the Ruth Burn Historic Preservation Award to Martha in 2016.

Rosemary Lynch | Director

Rosemary was born and raised in Indiana.  She graduated from Shortridge High School in Indianapolis and attended Butler University in Indianapolis and Whitworth College in Brookhaven, Mississippi.  Rosemary and her husband returned to Arizona in 1952 and settled in Glendale in 1953.  Since returning to Glendale, Rosemary has been very active in the community.  She has served on the United Way Board and Parks and Recreation Board.  She continues to be an active member and past president of the Glendale Woman’s Club, and was instrumental in starting the Adopt-A-Strut program for the group.  She also serves as a volunteer for the Glendale Arts Counsel helping to facilitate its annual Fine Art Competition.

Rosemary is one of the founding members of the Society.  She has been on the Board for a number of years.  Rosemary volunteers as a docent at Sahuaro Ranch Guest House for Sunday tours, special events and school tours.  She also helps set up and take down the exhibits at the Guest House.

Rosemary has donated countless hours to Glendale’s community by volunteering for clean up days, parades, tree planning initiatives and so much more.  She enjoys spending time with her two sons, David and John, and likes staying busy and involved.  She takes pleasure in day concerts and likes to have a fun day now and then.  In 2017, Rosemary was given the Ruth Burn Historic Preservation Award by the City of Glendale.

Jon Froke | Director

Nelda Saxton Crowell | Director

Nelda began service on the board in 2018 after working with a group of GAHS volunteers to organize the library, a task she continues to pursue.  She moved to Phoenix in 1947 and has lived in Glendale since 1967.  She was a member of the first Glendale Leadership class.  Nelda holds a BA degree from Arizona State University and MA from the University of Colorado.  She spent most of her career in advertising, publications and public relations, having worked as advertising manager for a local newspaper, a shopping center, and a department store.  She also spent five years as Editor of Publications for Arizona State University’s College of Business and eighteen years as Assistant Vice President for Communication at Thunderbird School of Global Management, where she received numerous awards for publications and communication.  Following retirement from her full-time position at Thunderbird, Nelda developed the School’s archives and became its first archivist, part-time.  Nelda is also a volunteer and past president of Assistance League of Phoenix and Kappa Delta Sorority alumnae chapter.  She enjoys reading, gardening, and traveling with her husband Norm. 

William Greb "Bill" | Director

Bill grew up in Oklahoma City where he spent 27 years working for the local telephone company.  He loves to play guitar, a skill his dad taught him while he was growing up.  Bill said, “Dad didn’t know a lot about playing, but I learned all he could teach me and I took it from there.”  He has led a group of contemporary musicians at 2 Catholic Churches in the Glendale area for 32 years.     


Bill has been a member of the Historical Society for more than 15 years and became a lifetime member and member of the Board in 2018.  He donates countless hours in the orchards at Manistee Ranch and the surrounding grounds.  While he grew up in Oklahoma City, one of his favorite memories was visiting relatives in Western Arkansas.  He learned a number of things about farming and the dairy business.  He says, “those years taught me how to appreciate the things that grow from the earth”.  He believes this is why he has become so involved with the orchard at Manistee Ranch.  Additionally, during his time at the phone company, he taught himself how to build and maintain homes, thus becoming a handyman.  Having that experience caught the attention of the Historical Society and now he is the handyman at Manistee Ranch.

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