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A GAHS membership is a connection joining the past to the present. For a very small investment, you will be part of something permanent and worthwhile.  We value your membership.  We invite you to become a member of the Glendale Arizona Historical Society, and participate in the role we serve in our community.  This is a chance to give back to our community and to have that wonderful feeling of connection to this great city of Glendale. Becoming a member will give you a sense of belonging in this ever changing world.Our affordable, annual membership dues are:


Family                      Patron                      Lifetime Individual



$30.00                      $50.00                   


Please call for details

Your membership includes eight newsletters (October through May); monthly members meeting, annual Christmas Party at Manistee Ranch, January potluck buffet, and free admission to Manistee Ranch tours are just some of the benefits but perhaps the most enriching is gathering with old & new friends in the spirit of community fellowship as collective memories are shared, Please call (623) 435-0072, or email us at for additional information.

             Donate, Volunteer...or Both!!


The Glendale Arizona Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means that your financial gifts are tax deductible. GAHS does not receive any federal financial help so a gift from you, of any denomination is greatly appreciated and 100% of your generous contribution will be used to continue the mission of the historical society. Please email us for more information regarding making a donation, or mail your gifts directly to the Glendale Arizona Historical Society, PO Box 5606, Glendale, AZ  85012-5606.

Also, if you wish to donate Glendale related historic artifacts, we will evaluate them according to our Accessions Policy to determine their suitability to our collections. 


We especially appreciate a gift of your time and talents.  We are all volunteers, serving the community of Glendale, and we would love to have you join our team. Contact us by phone 623.435.0072 or email

Glendale Arizona Historical Society’s volunteer opportunities:

  • Wedding Coordinators ~ oversee and assist with the weddings at Sahuaro Ranch.   

  •  Docent/Tour Guides - Docent for tours at Manistee Ranch and  Sahuaro Ranch Guest House.​

  •  Archive Library ~ organize, digitize and catalog historical records in the archive library.


  •  Newsletter ~  writing articles and editing.

  • Oral Histories ~conduct interviews Glendale residents, transcribe existing oral histories in the archives. 


  •  Board of Directors ~ GAHS members in good standing may run for any open position on the Governing Board of Directors.


  •  Ground Maintenance at Manistee Ranch ~ maintain the trees, rosebushes, shrubs, and orchard.


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