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Welcome to our family.  A GAHS membership is an extraordinary value.  For a very small investment, you will be part of something permanent and worthwhile.  We value your membership.  We invite you to become a member of the Glendale Arizona Historical Society, and participate in the role we serve in our community.  This is a chance to give back to our community and to have that wonderful feeling of connection to this great city of Glendale. Becoming a member will give you a sense of belonging in this ever changing world.Our affordable, annual membership dues are:


Family                      Patron                     Sponsor                  Individual Life   


$30.00                      $50.00                   

$100.00 and over        $250.00

Your membership includes eight informative newsletters (October through May); an invitation to our monthly meetings with exceptional, special speakers (October through May); a GAHS Picnic at Manistee Ranch in November; a beautiful, Christmas Party at Manistee Ranch in December; a Members' Potluck in January; free admission to Manistee Ranch tours; and interesting field trips for great learning experiences and relaxation.


There are many areas where you can help advance our mission, and the associated fun and camaraderie are absolutely FREE!  Among the areas where your talents could be put to use are as tour docents; wedding facilitators (they are known as our Wedding Belles); exhibit set-up volunteers; and oral history interviewers. Camaraderie and fellowship are added benefits of membership, as we share stories and experiences with one another. Please call (623) 435-0072, or email us at and join the fun!!

Contribute & Volunteer


The Glendale Arizona Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means that your financial gifts are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by law when you file your federal taxes.  We do not receive any federal financial help so a gift from you, of any size, would be greatly appreciated.  Each and every gift will be used to further our service to Glendale.  Please email us for more information regarding making a donation, or mail your gifts directly to the Glendale Arizona Historical Society, PO Box 5606, Glendale, AZ  85012-5606.

Also, if you wish to donate historic artifacts that pertain to Glendale, we will gladly evaluate them according to our Accessions Policy to determine their suitability to our collections. 


We especially appreciate a gift of your time and talents.  We are all volunteers, serving the community of Glendale, and we would love to have you join our team.  You will fit right in and find your special spot of service -- and you will love it!!  Call (623) 435-0072 or email us at

​​Are there members that are paid?
  Yes. There are two part time secretaries/office staff members that are paid but they also do considerable volunteer work for the society.
    Volunteers are not paid.

The Glendale Arizona Historical Society’s volunteer opportunities include:

  • Wedding Belles and Beaus over see the weddings in the Rose Garden at       Sahuaro Ranch.

The society has many volunteer opportunities with weddings (beaus and      belles)- The Society hosts about 40-55 weddings per year with one facilitator for each wedding.

  •  Docent/Tour Guides - Act as a docent for guided and unguided tours at both Sahuaro Ranch Guest House and Manistee Ranch during regular tour dates and during special events.

  • School Field Trips - Help assist with tours of the Guest and Adobe house at Sahuaro Ranch.

    2 docents at the Guest House on Sunday afternoons from October to May. 

    4 docents are at Manistee Ranch the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month from   

      October to May 35 docents are at the Guest House and Adobe House for

      Tractor Day and the Folk and Heritage Festival.


  •  Exhibits & Decorating - Members develop new exhibits, as well as take down and put up seasonal exhibits at Sahuaro Ranch Guest House and Manistee Ranch.


  •  Archive Historical Records - Organize, digitize and catalog historical records in GAHS's extensive library.

  •  3 members work at the Library and Research Center.


  •  5 members help edit and publish Glendale Arizona Historical Society newsletter (8/year).

  • Oral Histories - Perform and obtain oral histories from long-time Glendale residents.

       The Glendale Arizona Historical Society has one Arizona State University

       History major paid intern who is sponsored by a grant from a

       supporting benefactor.


  • There is one Webmaster and 2 emeritus Webmasters.           

  • There are 9 members on the Board of Directors..


  •  Gardening & Landscaping - Both the Sahuaro Ranch and Manistee Ranch have many volunteer hours needed to maintain the properties. There are trees and rosebushes to trim, the orchard needs to be raked due to falling leaves and fruit, and other “ranch chores”. If you can operate a shovel, rake or pruning device we could sure use your help.

       2 members work doing Manistee Ranch maintenance.

  •  1 member working on Obits.


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Volunteer Gleaners Picking Citrus at Manistee Ranch.

Scout Troop BSA volunteering to put up new corral fence at Manistee Ranch

Docent, Carol St. Clair, giving Cub Scouts a tour of Manistee Ranch.

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