The society is in a difficult financial situation.

The concern about the Coronavirus prompted the society board to cancel all wedding facilitations until September.  The weddings of at least 50 weddings per year are about 80% of the society's income.

We barely had enough operating funds at the reduced service level to make it to the end of the 2020 and inadequate income going into 2021
Expenses information-property insurance for Manistee Ranch and liability insurance for the society and a telephone bill each of four figures/year continue.

The Society has a separate fund to maintain Manistee Ranch. The board approved projects to repair a crumbling basement wall and to strengthen the sagging east side porch.  Other projects are deferred due to costs and the society's financial condition.

The Board of Directors would appreciate any donation you are able to make for the operating fund to allow the society to continue the preservation and promotion of Glendale's history.  

Please make checks payable to:
Glendale Arizona Historical Societ
P.O.Box 5606
Glendale. AZ 85312

Thank you for any help you can provide to the society.
Ron Short, President

The board of the Glendale Arizona Historical Society wishes all members and those who have visited the website the best of health and luck during these times.

The board of the Glendale Arizona Historical Society and its members certainly wish to pick up and move on.


The office staff will be reopening the office at Sahuaro Ranch Park in the Guest House in September.  Weddings will also resume starting in September.
We hope to have our members meeting on October 25, but all the information on it is not complete yet.  When the office staff have it set up, they will let you know.

If you have not paid your membership dues for this year, it would be appreciated. Without our weddings income for the past year budget is hurting.

The Glendale Arizona Historical Society office staff will continue to monitor and reply to emails and voice messages.
Thank you and hope to see you in October.
The office staff

Honoring the Proud History of Glendale, Arizona


To promote public awareness and appreciation of the history of Glendale and the surrounding region, the Glendale Arizona Historical Society collects, preserves and interprets documentary material and material objects. It disseminates historical information and supports scholarly research.


The society fosters interest in the past, formal historical inquiry and informal information exchanges, believing that an understanding of the past illuminates the present and gives vision for the future.

Founded in 1973, the Glendale Arizona Historical Society is dedicated to the historic preservation in Glendale, including: collecting and preserving artifacts, photographs, oral histories, written materials; researching Glendale's histories, buildings, people and lifestyles; and disseminating information about Glendale's history.

Glendale and Central Avenues (or Lateral 18) circa 1940s

KEEPING YOU INFORMED       Ron Short, GAHS President

The Glendale Arizona Historical Society website is an important communication tool with our membership and visitors. This report will be a periodic update on the activities of the Society and news regarding Glendale’s history. The Mission of the Society is to promote and preserve Glendale’s history. Click here to view what historical properties we're tracking for you now.

The GAHS newsletter is published eight times per year during the active Society season, October through May. In addition to being available for viewing here, it is also mailed directly to active and lifetime members, city officials and other historical societies. We hope you enjoy it.

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All activities have been postponed or cancelled.